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The Spanish Association of Friends of Castles was constituted in 1952. This is a private cultural institution established under the honorary presidency of H. M. The King of Spain. We are completely independent of Government, therefore relying heavily on the generosity of our subscribing members and other supporters. It already has more than two thousand and five hundred members, many of whom are leading personalities and professionals in different fields linked with Spanish culture and all of whom love their country´ s military monuments Our members are castle owners, architects, historians, writers, artists, custodians, keepers and other enthusiasts. Without them, we would be unable to carry on with our work, with their help, we try to educate people about the importance of preserving our heritage. Our purpose is to advance cultural life in Spain. The Association participates in many cultural efforts. Co-operation with universities is implemented in co-operation with representatives of the authorities including government departments and local authorities. International co-operation is traditionally efficient in the heritage field. The Association participates in this co-operation with similar organizations in other countries, Europa Nostra and different international organizations.

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We work with enthusiasm and unselfishness to make castles known, and to defend and preserve them. Our main objective is to create an atmosphere of good will and admiration among the Spanish people with regard to their countries´ castles. To do this, we organize conferences, lectures, excursions, courses, exhibitions and publish books and our own scientific review. We maintain an archive and a library as well.

We are working in agreement with the Ministry of Education and Culture in a scientific study to research and classify the Spanish Military Heritage involving the formation of photographic and historical files for each monument. We consider this work to be indispensable to scientific knowledge of the subject.

Basicly our main aims and activities consist in:

          -1) To contribute to the protection, conservation, restoration, refurbishment and rehabilitation of the castles, ruins and the rest of Spanish Military Architecture.

          -2) To stimulate interest in the study, promotion and diffusion of our Historic-Artistic Military Heritage.

The S.A.F.C. works to preserve and protect the castles. We do this in a range of ways, through practical caring and conservation, through educating and informing, and through encouraging thousands of people to enjoy their national heritage. We work in order to make a better future for noble monuments, the special characteristics of which, make them rank very high in the cultural treasure of mankind.

Since our establishment, we have distributed prizes in support of the restoration and conservation in Spain. We encourage the responsible ownership, conservation and restoration of ruined structures, and other buildings at risk, in the belief that, in the most of cases, restoration offers the best means of ensuring their long-term survival. We provide a forum for castle owners, and interested individuals and organisations, to discuss, and find solutions to areas of common concern. We hold an annual national meeting as well.

We publish a review containing news, articles, and reports on castles. Our work includes maintaining a research library and archive, publishing books, organizing educational efforts, and making presentations on the Association's website. The castlelogical library and the publications published by S.A.F.C. are at the disposal of members, researchers and others in need of information.

Conserving our castles for future generations are central to the Association mission. Year after year more irreplaceable historic buildings are lost forever, making our work even more vital. A nation's history is reflected in its spiritual and physical cultural heritage. We all of us need a knowledge of history to be able to interpret the past. History becomes visible through the objects, built environments and cultural landscapes. Heritage offers experiences and conveys information about the lives of past generations, in this way, castles are irreplaceable sources of information about the lives and activities of human beings and their artistic and technical capabilities over the centuries. We must actively cherish the physical cultural heritage in order that it survives. The protection of cultural goods is not just a moral duty. It is also an important stake because cultural heritage literally means wealth. What is more, these monuments, as an element of the history of our civilization, bring prestige to our country. They are living illustrations of our past and we have an obligation to manage them out of respect for those who have lived before us and with consideration for those who come after us.

The Spanish Association of Friends of Castles is open to all those who feel an interest for its activities and goals, through a small annual contribution. The Association also encourages sponsorship of any concrete project approved by its board of directors. Our Association is for all who have a love and enthusiasm for Spanish castles, towers and defensive structures, and who contribute to their preservation and restoration.

If you wish to contact with us, please write to:

Prado nº 26, 2º dcha
28014 Madrid, Spain

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